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Mastering Hospitality

In Mastering Hospitality, renowned Ritz‑Carlton hotelier Iwan Dietschi shares the wisdom he has earned through his distinguished career as a global leader in the hotel industry. The ultimate guide and mentor, Dr. Dietschi now shares his own story from the ground up and introduces his eight principles for achieving excellence in “the people business” and advancing in your career.

If you already work in hospitality, Iwan’s insights will raise the level of your game, enhance your sense of purpose, and make you more competitive. And if you’re thinking of a career in hospitality, you will clarify your direction, learn to bypass early mistakes, and speed your rise to a leadership position. Iwan Dietschi will show you the difference between a hotel manager and a true hotelier.

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I am here to assist you, hopefully as one of your role models, as someone who has gone through various steps in my own career to become the best that I can be, and as one who never stops learning, growing.

Your Dr. Hotelier, Iwan Dietschi
Dr. Hotelier

Dr. Hotelier

Master of hospitality, teacher, mentor

Iwan Dietschi, an internationally trained executive with more than 28 years of luxury hotel experience on four continents, is currently the Multi-Property Vice President and General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton in Shenzhen, China. A Swiss-born professional, he is a graduate of the world-renowned Ecole Hȏtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, and has an Executive MBA from California State University, Monterey Bay, and a doctorate degree from the College of Management and Technology at Walden University.

I learned early on in my career that contributing to others gives me great joy and pleasure and makes me a better person and a more complete leader.

Your Dr. Hotelier, Iwan Dietschi
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Your Dr. Hotelier, Iwan Dietschi